CONNECTED West-Brabant at Transport Logistic Munich

From 4 to 7 June 2019, another edition of the most important logistics trade fair in the world, TRANSPORT LOGISTIC (TL), will take place in Munich, Germany. This trade fair attracts some 2,000 exhibitors from 62 countries and 55,000 visitors from over 124 countries and is organized every other year.
In 2017, CONNECTED West-Brabant participated in TL for the first time with a 
joint triple helix “West Brabant stand”. What made this trade fair participation unique is that West Brabant was not represented as a collection of individual businesses and organisations, but as a true collective with a unified message about the strength of our region. 

The members of CONNECTED West-Brabant all considered this joint undertaking to be so useful and advantageous, that they raised the means necessary to also participate next year! In the meantime preparations have started  and the group will once again work closely together in turning the 2019 edition into an even greater success than the last one. 

Below: an impression of our 2017 TL Munich participation