The origin of CONNECTED West-Brabant

Since the end of 2016, logistics companies, municipalities, the port authority, educational institutions, knowledge institutions and the regional development agency have worked together in ‘CONNECTED West-Brabant’. A strong cluster of partners active in, or closely associated with the logistics sector in our region. Those partners are:

Bas Logistics (Etten-Leur)
CCT Moerdijk (Moerdijk)
De Graaf Logistics (Oosterhout)
EDCR (Roosendaal)
EWS Group (Werkendam)
Frigo Breda (Breda)
Lineage Logistics (Bergen op Zoom)
Loendersloot (Roosendaal)
MCS Fulfilment (Etten-Leur)
Mepavex (Bergen op Zoom)
OCT/Rietveld Logistics (Oosterhout)
Otentic Customs (Oosterhout)
Stockspots (Breda)

Educational institutions
BUAS (formerly NHTV)
ROC West-Brabant

Knowledge institutions
KennisDC Logistiek Zeeland-Brabant
Logistics Community Brabant
TKI Dinalog

Regional development agency
REWIN West-Brabant