Why are we CONNECTED?

The partners of CONNECTED West-Brabant join forces to help the logistics sector in the region along. West Brabant already boasts an excellent point of departure, but the consortium sees ample opportunity for further strenghtening that position. We do so on the basis of West Brabant’s logistics story.

West Brabant’s story is currently being further developed and creates a mutually–agreed, solid basis for a regional logistics programme for the coming years. Our collective standpoint is that, in our region we:

  • provide opportunities for taking full advantage of the strong points of the Dutch entrepreneurial environment, thanks to our strategic position as regards economic key areas and our favourable accessibility by road  water and rail,

  • collaborate closely as authorities,  entrepreneurs and educational institutions,

  • have potential to grow: both literally in the field of business establishment – as well as  − more figuratively  – regarding  innovation, 

  • excel in logistics education and knowledge development.

In short:

  • in West Brabant we appreciate that sharing leads to improvement.

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